My Why...

I want empower you to simply love the life you are blessed with.

And I want to motivate you to get out of the “ruts;” and navigate from negative energy to get to a more simple, wholistic life rooted in peace.

Can do…

I am here to motivate you to shift to a “can do”  mindset when it comes to the decisions in your life!

I hope that I can serve to remind you that you are not limited and you are full of talents!

Don’t let fear hold you back from following your dreams.

13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Philippians 4:13

I use my garden  because there are so many lessons in it that relate to everyday life and its challenges.

Seasons to sow, prune, allow for harvest and so on.

I help you tap into all the wonderful ideas you may have and things you have been putting off, while you grow to understand the real purpose God has for your life.

You can do it!  I will be right there to cheer you on!

Let’s get you to your whole woman celebration!

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My Passion

As you can probably tell,
lol,  I love gardening and flowers. For me, it is a place of peace and a space to not only connect with nature, but,   it’s a space to connect with God.

We know  in the “first” garden, God created a beautiful garden for us to live in and have a close relationship with Him.

Spending time gardening, is a creative place for me and a place for me to grow closer to God.

I hope to inspire you to get your creative juices going to do what you love and  to move towards the things you feel tugging at your heartstrings.  As you see, my tug to share my artistic florals and my desire to  serve others in a creative way won!😁

I hope to inspire you to go deeper in understanding your  life and  enjoying the journey along the way.

My Goal

Help you relieve the overwhelm …, breathe and enjoy simple living.

I believe together, we will get you clear about the direction that the Holy Spirit is leading you and help you become more confident in His word to help you move  past the hurdles that have been holding you back and limiting your true potential, your dreams and your desire to live a peaceful and more centered life.

I know a lot of you operate out of fear from  traumatic experiences and “seemingly”  failures that may have made you feel worthless or undeserving of the wonderful plan God has for your life. (And I know a lot of women hold back because of worrying too much about what others may think.)

My goal is to help you get to the vision God placed inside of you  with confidence and  be able to fully ENJOY  your  journey!

Garden of Luv Creations

Flower Decor/Displays|Vinyl Prints|Cards & more

Enjoy Some You-Time

Nurture you…

Quiet your mind and open your heart for the Holy Spirit to lead you.

Spending time outside can help improve you physically and mentally to conquer mental fatigue and help you get and stay fit physically.

The Perfect Surrounding

Garden Rooms…

Spark your energy and create spaces that provide beauty for you and your environment.

You can get your mess out of you and toss it in the ground and learn things in that space that the Holy Spirit wants for you to know… and oh how beautiful the new growth will be!

Indoor Plants


Improve your concentration, reduce stress levels and boost your mood.  Also, improve the quality of your air and much more.

Your plants can be conducive to inspiring your creative energy and opening you up to tap into the Source Energy that created all of us…